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Applying the Scientific Method to the Investigation of 9/11/01

The phenomenal progress in knowledge of the natural world and technological development since the Middle Ages is attributable in large part to the application of the scientific method. Although those advances have been problematic, creating their own problems, few doubt that the vast bodies of knowledge known as science are accurate, if not complete, descriptions of the world we inhabit. The fact that science transcends cultural and political divides is a further testament to the success of the scientific method as a tool for getting to the truth.

In contrast to the history of science, the official account of 9/11/01 and the challenges to it remain mired in confusion, unresolved debates, and an array of 'theories' that rest on little more than fallacies of evaluating evidence.

One researcher has remarked that the independent 9/11 investigations are stuck in the Dark Ages.

Science 9-11 addresses this problem by employing the time-tested scientific method to determine which conclusions are warranted and which are not.

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